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Leading Chinese Multi-function Packaging Machine Suppliers and Manufacturers
Views: 87 Update date: Jan 07,2020

Sanpong Machinery Industry is a leading Chinese based B2B business model which connects suppliers, manufacturers and distributors all at one platform to boost up their business at the global level by showcasing their higher quality multi-function packaging machines. We provide our team of suppliers and manufacturers with a great work environment to bring out their creativity. You will find a full automatic multi-function packaging machine which are perfect for all kinds of industrial needs. Themulti-function packaging machine is used for packaging of all kinds of materials which also includes viscous such as jam, honey, sauce, and ketchup, etc. We never compromise on our quality and always provide the best customer service.


Multi-Function Packaging Machine has two or more functions. The main types are:


Fully Automatic Pillow

1 Filling and sealing machine. It has two functions of filling and sealing.

2 Forming, filling and sealing machine. It has three functions of forming, filling and sealing. Molding types include bag molding, bottle molding, box molding, blistering, and melt molding.

3 Type filling and sealing machine. It has stereotypes, filling and sealing functions. Stereotypes

4 double-sided sealing machine. It can seal both sides of the lid and bottom. When sealing, the box can be placed sideways or upright.


According to the location and number of tapes sealed

1I cartoner. It is sealed with a piece of tape at the upper flap of the box and the outer flap of the lower bottom. This seal, simple operation, but poor sealing.

2H type sealing machine. It is based on type I sealing, that is, two types of tape are sealed at both ends of the type I sealing tape, which is shaped like H, so it is called H type. It can increase the box strength and sealing performance, but the cost is higher according to the degree of specialization.

1 Universal sealing machine. It can adjust some institutions to change the relevant size of the sealing machine to adapt to the sealing of various sizes of boxes. It adapts to a wide range and is a universally used sealing machine.

2 special sealing machine. It can only seal a certain size of the box, sealing speed, suitable for large-scale sealing operation.

3 random-type sealing machine. It is in a specified size range, the relevant agencies can automatically change to accommodate different sizes of box sealing needs, is a highly automated sealing machine sealing machine.


Multi-function packaging machine is a versatile packaging machine. After the material enters the top of the packaging machine, the metering section sends a fixed number of products to the material channel in sequence. When the reel wrapping material passes through the outer wall of the material passage, it is wound into a cylindrical shape by the former, and the longitudinal sealer seams the longitudinal seam tightly. The cross sealer completes the top seal of the bag and the bottom seal of the next bag, becoming two welds. Because the material channel is wrapped in the packaging bag, the bottom seal can be directly welded to the bag, and then a station is moved to complete the top sealing and cutting with a cutter to complete the packaging process.


multi-function packaging machine

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